Austin Road Riders' Association

Texas Hill Country
Tour and Trade Show

in Burnet, Texas

Motorcycle enthusiasts came from all over the United States to attend this motorcycle rally sponsored by the Austin Road Riders' Association (ARRA) and the American Motorcycyclist Association's (AMA) South Central Regional Road Riding Convention.

The judging was held at the Country Courthouse in Burnet and the trade show was at the County Fairgrounds in Burnet.  The show is an annual event that takes place on Memorial Day weekend each year.  The motorcycles start lining up around the courthouse around 1:00pm on Saturday and the judging starts at 2:00.  The Trade Show at the county fairgrounds is held on both Saturday and Sunday.

It is estimated that over 1,000 motorcycles attend this show.

Bob Free on his Gold Wing
Bob Free with his prize winning Gold Wing

Bob Free is from the Dallas area and has entered the show for the past nine years with his Gold Wing.  He has taken first place in his class 8 out of the 9 times he has been in the show.  Bob says that in the nine and half years he has owned the Gold Wing, he has spent over $27,000 on the vehicle and keeping it in top show shape.  It is truly a beautiful motorcycle worthy of first place.

motorcycle with trailer

There are motorcyles with all kids of trailers at the shows.  

Unusal double seater

There are also motorcycles with all kinds of customizing done to them.  Each motorcyles is almost a work of art.

motorcycle with sidecar

Sidecar booth at the Trade Show.

Want a sidecar for your motorcycle?  You can purchase them at the shows.

Ray Herro painting on a motorcycle
Ray Herro doing a little custom painting.

You can also have custom painting done on your motorcyle by professionals at the shows.

Tent at the Trade Show

There are several merchants selling their custom motorcycle accessories at the Trade Show.  You will find leather vests, leather sweaters, leather chaps and gloves, light kits, and much more.

Tent with leather goods.

Leather Legs Booth

Motorcycle Photo

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